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Turn Your Customers Away!

Turn Your Customers Away!

We Don’t Want You As A Customer…

You’d be surprised at just how many people who get in touch with us and we think, thankyou but NO Thankyou! Only last week we had someone who was really, really, rude and very demanding, when all we tried to be was kind and helpful to them. This makes us think, if they are like this now on initial contact with us what they going to be like further down the line, are they going to be even more unreasonable in their behavior?

So, what we did, as we always do, is suggest to them that they would be best served by another training provider! This generally shocks people as they can’t believe you don’t want their money, and they’re right we don’t want theirs! No amount of money (well a few million maybe ha!) is ever worth the hassle these people bring…

So, our lesson to you, is be very careful who you have as a client as that client could end up costing you more in the long run than what you made from them, nevermind the hassle and stress they bring!

Just say NO!! It’s that simple (and profitable)…

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