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Are You Out of Stock?

Are You Out of Stock?

Creating Your Systems…

Ever gone to do a treatment and realised your missing one little item? However just this one little item means you now can’t perform the treatment you have in the next 5 minutes, so no time to get to your suppliers either?

So you lose money and the clients is pissed off having take then time and travel to come and see you for nothing…

Well luckily that didn’t happen to us but this month as we have been reviewing all of our systems here to make sure that things continue to run like clock work, this means going through all aspects of your business and creating a set of procedures for that task, so think of it like a checklist!

So for example this week, we’ve put checking our stock ordering system and making sure our weekly stock list/check includes every item that we sell and need to have in stock! Its that simple but often it’s the easy and simple things that keep you super organized…

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