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If you would like to speak with previous customers of ours who've had the treatment, we're more than happy to put you in touch with these individuals so you can get an idea of just how delighted your customers will be with the treatment.

Georgie – Hyper Pigmentation – Newport

“I had dark patches on my face and neck, the treatments have worked wonders for me. Totally gone, I’m makeup free and can’t actually believe how my skin looks now!”

Joan – Anti Ageing – Bristol

“The Skin Repair Clinic treatments are fab, natural and gradual so no one even knows I’ve had anything done!”

April – Scar – Cardiff

“Had an operation a few years ago which left me with scarring across my stomach and side. So glad I’ve finally done something about them, they have literally faded into nothing, couldn’t have asked for better result.”

Rebecca – Stretch Marks – Newport

“Had a few lines on my legs and hips, they’d been there a few years since I was 16, It took a few months but finally I’ve booked a girls holiday this summer and can’t wait to get on the beach in a bikini!”

Aimee – Stretch Marks – Bristol

“Alex was brilliant, both her and treatments have really given me the confidence to get back out there, would recommend to anyone whose fed up with stretch marks left from pregnancy!”

Kate – Stretch Marks – Cardiff

“Everyone at The Skin Repair Clinic were friendly and nice, really pleased with my results.”

Ben – Bristol – Skin Rejuvenation

“Really surprised with the results! Had my doubts it would work as well as the more expensive surgical options, didn’t know what to expect but after just one treatment would recommend this to anyone!”

Catherine – Skin Rejuvenation – Cardiff

“Great that my face was only red for a day after treatments, I thought it would take longer but really impressed. Skin felt tighter and looked better, definitely be back for more!”

Sophia – Acne Scars – Bristol

“Following several treatments I’d had over in Australia whilst travelling last year I wanted to find a clinic near me which offered the same to continue the course. The Skin Repair Clinic seemed to be one of the only ones offering the official derma pen, which is what I’d had previously with amazing  results, they were really friendly and knowledgeable too.”

Laura – Anti-Ageing – Cardiff

“Everyone says to me… You’ve had something done but I can’t put a finger on it… your skin is glowing! Love it.”

Sharon – Anti-Ageing– Bath

“After my first treatment I noticed significant improvement in my skin tone and texture, I had quite a few large pores on my nose which have got smaller, then after another I noticed my lines shrinking, particularly the frown lines! It’s brilliant!”

Joanne – Stretch Marks – Bridgend

“Alex was so patient with me over the last few months, my stretch marks were so deep and painful. I got there in the end though and feel so much happier with myself… Thankyou!”

Lauren – Stretch Marks – Cheltenham

“I gave birth to my daughter last year and was left with horrible saggy skin and loads of dark red stretch marks. I thought there was no hope, I tried creams and toning up at gym but not much luck. I’m finally starting to feel better and get my body back after finding The Skin Repair Clinic! After only one the colour faded drastically which gave me the confidence to continue. I’ve had 4 treatments so far, so a couple more to go to get where I want to be, Thanks!!”


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